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Cafe Hours: 
Mon-Fri    6:30AM - 5:30 PM
Saturday        4:30 AM - 5:30 PM

Please Note the following cafe closure dates or special hours:
Special Holiday Hours:
Closed on Sat, June 14th {Booth @Pride Fest}

48 Hour Minimum notice for whole dessert orders. We generally do not offer whole desserts in the cafe as they are sold by the slice. Call  907-929-2265 to see if we have availability for less than 48 hours. 2-3 weeks notice is preferred for major holidays as we tend to book up quickly

Do a Little Shopping for Easter & Mother's Day


Mother's Day Brunch Fundraiser
Sunday Dinner Fundraiser for will be held again for Mother's Day, Sunday May 11th from 9 AM - 3 PM.  Menu will be $20 for 5 items and your bread. Food may be to go or prepaid reservations may be made to dine in.

Drinks & Dessert will be available for purchase through the cafe. Prepaid-orders get priority otherwise first come first serve and when it is gone it is gone. I definitely recommend prepaid-orders as we generally tend to sell out each month. Preorders should be received no later than 5:30pm on the Friday prior to event date, so don't miss out by not preordering. Call 907-929-2265 to place an order or preorder online by clicking the paypal link below.   Please be sure to specify your dinner date/time for pickup. Cash and All major credit cards will be accepted.

Creative Cakes by Catharine

New addition to the Dessert First Family

Specializing in Buttercream, Fondant, Gumpaste
Need a special cake creation email:

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Romantic Dinner for Two
starting at $150*
Get the cafe for 2 evening hours all to yourselves. Candlelight, Flowers/petals and dinner will be a personalized 4 course meal for 2. Appetizer, Salad, Entree', and Dessert. Bottle of red or white wine for 21+, Additional fee to apply for Private Dj Kima "Nutman" Hamilton to play your favs as you dine/dance the evening away. 
Questions call 907-929-2265



Who wouldn't like to be randomly selected to win delectable  FREE treats?
 All it takes to qualify is to "Like" us on facebook. All members are automatically entered. Click on the link to Like us on Facebook



Brave New Alaskan Voices Season 4
Questions call 907-929-2265 or email
BNAV team 4 will be heading to Philadelphia July of this year!!! Follow what this amazing group of Alaskan youth are doing at or www.facebookcom/bravenewalaskanvoices or on twitter @bnav907



**New Drawing**
1/4 of the Cheesecake of the Month Drawing!

We have decided to make a few changes to what used to be the Win A Slice Weekly Drawing... Begining November 1st we will draw 4 entries each month for the cheesecake of the month. Those 4 winners will win a forth of the cheesecake. What this means is we will make the cheesecake of the month, cut it into quarters, individually box them for pickup by the winners. So each winner roughly gets 2-4 slices of cheesecake (depends on how large you slice them). Now the bonus is that since November is the only month we have 2 cheesecake flavors we will be drawing 8 winners. So stay tuned. Be sure you have your contact information current because if we do not reach you, we will move on down the list. Can't delay with perishables. Exciting times... may the best persons win!!! And as always once you win your name is put back into the drawing bin so there is nothing to keep you from winning again and again.
 Click here to send your email now.***



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April Cheesecakes of the Month
Carrot Cake Bottom Cheesecake  $27

Cake Creations

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