What is the Rage City Ruckus ?
The Rage City Ruckus is DBD'S effort to promote youth voice and empowerment. The Rage City Ruckus is a gathering of youth voices and visionaries. The youth poets present community cultivation projects and poems with hopes of their spoken word club coming out on top. For the past several months youth poets have been meeting with school sponsors and poet mentors working hard towards presenting at the Ruckus. Winning clubs will have the community cultivation projects funded. 
At Diff3r3nt by D3sign we want to ensure that every voice is heard, because the silence truly is deafening.
Come see some of Anchorage's youth spoken word club teams as they showcase their skills, their message, and their vision at the AnchorRAGE City Ruckus. For more information contact Trey Josey at 907-222-2688 or email us at dbdinquiry@gmail.com

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